Carmel Lacrosse is excited to announce the rosters for the 2017 Spring Season


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Call Out Meeting Presentation

Carmel Lacrosse

Thank you to everyone who came out Monday, September 19 for the Call Out meeting.  We are looking forward to a great upcoming spring season. Information will be posted to the website, but until then, all information is available here in this email via the links below.

Click Here to view the Call Out Presentation

Highlights to point out:

Practice Pack Gear orders are due by Sept. 30.  Players are required to wear the Carmel Gear for start of the January practices.

Click HERE to view how to order practice gear

  • Players need a Blue/Gold Pinnie (players can pick the number)
  • Minimum 1 pair of Blue Shorts, 1 Grey Shirt and 1 Gold Shirt (many players get extras as these are worn for all practices starting in January and through the season)


Helmets, Gloves, and Shooter Shirts are available to order through Empire Lacrosse.  All players need to have a helmet and gloves that match their uniform as part of the IHSLA requirements.  Orders can be placed through October 7.  

Click HERE to order from Empire Lacrosse

We received questions about whether players need to buy Carmel gloves and helmets through the Empire Lacrosse order process before October 7th and before they know for sure whether they made a team.  The answer is no.  This topic will apply primarily to players new to the program and you can either:  a) participate in the Empire order and risk not making a team; or b) later acquire a blue helmet and yellow gloves that are similar to the Carmel colors. 

Empire Lacrosse has generic helmets and gloves that will match and Play it Again Sports may as well.  Unfortunately, due to the lead time to get this equipment in time for the regular season, it is impossible to wait until after tryouts to place our order.    Additionally, another question was asked about whether shooter shirts are a required purchase.  They are as this will be part of the standard pre-game uniform for home games.    Shooter shirts can be purchased after teams are announced as these do not require as much lead time.  

Ultimately, if a player makes a team, by the first home game, he will need to have a shooting shirt and gloves and helmet in Carmel colors of which the gloves and helmet do not have to be the specially ordered articles.


Player Conditioning is on their own for pre-season.  Players should utilize the Blue/Gold Club Requirements and also use the Four Pillars as a guide for your improvement.

Click HERE for the Player Conditioning Recommendations


Physicals for Carmel High School Lacrosse Players are due to us prior to the first practice in January.  If you have a copy on file at the high school, please contact them to get a copy for yourself to send to us. 

Click HERE for CHS Physical Form


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Blue / Gold Testing

by posted 02/11/2016



Kaleb Boyl, Hobart DI


Logan Brinson, Lindenwood DII

Erik Schoonover, Hope DIII


AJ Shaheen, Wabash DIII


Chad Kittaka, Lehigh DI



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